WhistleBlast Quartet

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The WhistleBlast Quartet are a mini-symphonic ensemble made up of a talented team of performers and teachers located in Ireland. We offer a wide range of musical experiences including performances for any occasion, workshop programmes for children and even adults! Book us now to reserve Ireland's highly accomplished musical team for your event!

Explore our wide range of brilliant programmes for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Summer Schools and Youth Orchestras here!

Primary Schools 3 - day package

Includes all primary school children in interactive concerts. And for composition: 30 children max aged 10 years or over


9 30 - 12 00: Performance with the children and with their own instruments if possible Introduction-Percussion-Chime Bars-Song Writing-Listening-Composing

1 00 - 2 45:  Two 45 minute sessions with 60 children in each group-any classes


 9 30 - 11 30: Performance group – max 30

1 00 - 2 00: Interactive one hour Concert for 120 children (including 30 Performance group as audience)

2 15 - 2 45: One 30 minute session for 60 children- any classes

DAY 3: Public Venue

12 00- 2 00: Performance group (30) Final Rehearsal of Original Composition

2 15: Performance by this group to 100 children.

5 45: Performance Group returns to venue and sits in the audience.

6 00-7 00: Free Public Concert with short performance by 30 children as the finale.

All clear up.

School Workshop Collage

Students of all ages-Secondary Schools and Youth Groups


Students are given an opportunity to work closely with professional musicians in a highly motivational programme in a comfortable and organized WhistleBlast programme. All Quartet members are qualified to understand the different dynamics within this age group and provide an accessible, mature and creative musical experience. Final performances give young people immense confidence and they are encouraged to create their own musical concepts through good humored guidance and quality expertise from our professional musicians. Conor Linehan and Kenneth Edge are outstanding composers and will encourage students to score ideas and final composition with their skills.

 Projects for secondary school age students encourage young people to develop their interest in classical and creative music and increase their instrumental/singing skills.

Length of programmes can vary from a 2 hour workshop, providing an Introduction to Classical music and live performance, to 21 days creating a sustainable approach to music learning and live performance.

These programmes are proven to have inspired young participants to develop their music education and seek good teachers to help enhance their skills. The effect of participating in creative music making and performance in a positive environment with excellent experienced professional musicians spreads positively into all other subjects and interests of involved students.

The Quartet will devise any length of programme requested.

Programmes include:

Introduction to Musicians and their instruments. Rhythm Sessions. Live performance of varied repertoire-accessible and challenging.

Warm up Ice Breakers.

Discussion about life as a professional musician. Question times for students.

 Begin process of original Composition: Choose a topic. Divide into groups as appropriate with individual Quartet members. All music genres- e.g. :classical,traditional,country,rap,rock-can be embraced in this programme. There are no musical boundaries.

 Warm-up improvisation sessions for all students with WhistleBlast. Some percussion and string instruments will be provided as necessary.
If dancers and/or singers are involved - start Choreography/ Song writing process.

A continual development of composition with student’s "Creative Orchestra".

Individual instrument lessons for students will be included and facilitated by Quartet members during the course of the programme.

Final performances: In a local public venue: First performance for other students 100 max.

Second performance: Public evening performance including a short recital by WhistleBlast Quartet


Final Day

11 00 - 2 00: Rehearsal

2 30 - 3 30: The Quartet performs a concert including the students' piece: The Composition, Song and Dance with the "Creative Orchestra" encompassing all these elements
This concert is for an audience of up to 120 other students

6 00: One hour recital performed by the Quartet for the general public ending with a performance of the students' Composition


Kenneth Edge

Youth Orchestras!

The quartet has a history of training Youth Orchestras in Performance Development through workshops for one to five days, culminating in a public performance of chosen pieces.

Workshops cover Tuning, Ensemble Playing, Instrument Maintenance, Individual Tuition, Rehearsal Format, Performance Delivery and Etiquette.

Also individual members of the quartet available to give individual master classes and/or provide you with a conductor.

Summer School

We offer a fantastic Summer opportunity for kids, our summer school is guaranteed to provide a fun but also educational summer break. A week-long development of many musical concepts through Composition, Performance and Listening - with an emphasis on fun and confidence building.

Get in contact with us for more information about upcoming Summer sessions.