WhistleBlast Quartet

Enthusiastic! Informative! A Blast!

The WhistleBlast Quartet are a mini-symphonic ensemble made up of a talented team of performers and teachers located in Ireland. We offer a wide range of musical experiences including performances for any occasion, workshop programmes for children and even adults! Book us now to reserve Ireland's highly accomplished musical team for your event!


Bold as Brass Workshops are a spin off of the WhistleBlast Quartet designed by Director and horn player Mary Curran. They are designed to be FUN, EDUCATIONAL, INTERACTIVE , ALL INCLUSIVE and provide an active INTRODUCTION TO CLASSICAL MUSIC and GROUP PLAYING

Brilliant interactive sessions that made music relevant by it all being demonstrated! Singing composing percussion and music history all wrapped up in one!
Mary demonstrating the cymbals

Mary demonstrating the cymbals


Percussion instruments are provided and participants who already play an instrument, of any genre, can be included.


Up to 30 participants, including any family members or older friends can get involved!

A fantastic variety of music workshops are available for schools, venues and festivals.

Mary, Director of the WhistleBlast Quartet, has devised and developed a wide range of workshops for young people of all ages and backgrounds

Workshop in Action

Workshop in Action

Mary’s Enthusiasm was inspiring. The smile on their faces said it all. 11 out of 10!
Excellent! Wonderful to see the students so engaged in all the activities- quick changes in instruments and activities was the key!

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